About the Trust

We are passing through a crucial period. Today the aged people have become a liability to the society. They are uncared by everybody. As far as the wealthier section is concerned, they have no problem for food and medicine. The element of love is denied to them. Somehow they are spending their days alone in huge mansions, none to love or being loved.

But the case of the downtrodden poverty stricken is entirely different. Among them are those with or without children. In the fagend of their life they are not taken care by their children. They are lacking the capacity to work for their livelihood. They are off and on troubled by old age and allied ailments. They need medical attention, food and clothing. The main objective of Kottekkad Karunalayam Charitable Trust (Karunalayam) is to do something to uplift this neglected lot.

Karunalayam was formed with a bold mission of alleviating poverty in all of its forms. The origins of the organisation were formed when the founding trustees consistently received a wide range of appeals from many poor and elderly people. The generosity of donors has enabled the Karunalayam to conduct various activities.

The generalist approach to tackling poverty has attracted a range of donors, from individuals to businesses wishing to help the needy with whatever assistance is required at any point in time. Donors are welcome to contribute any sum with whatever frequency is convenient to you. We pray lord Almighty to shower His blessings on yourself and the members of your family.


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