The following are the details regarding the circumstances that led to the formation of Kottekad Karunalayam Charitable Trust, it's present functioning and the future activities that are envisaged.

Today the aged people have become an unwanted lot. The Children, for whom the parents had toiled day and night, giving them education do not care their parents when they get into a job. They marry and settle themselves independently. The parents are forced to lead a life of loneliness. This is the lot of upper class.

As far as the majority, who are below the poverty line are concerned, the aged people are put to untold sufferings. They find it difficult to make both ends meet. they have no money to buy clothings and medicines for their ailments. During the time when they were healthy they worked hard and earned to maintain their family. Now they have become unwanted elements. Their health has dwindled. They are starving. They suffer from many diseases. There is no use of mere lectures on dias shedding crocodile tears over the miseries of these peaople. What we want is practical solution for the miseries of these poverty stricken lot. It is at this thought we have formed this trust through which we are able to give these poor people food, clothing, medical aid and mental solace.

Now we are thinking to rehabilitate about 200 persons providing accomodation, food, clothes, medicine etc. We have got enough place free of cost for construction of building for accomodating 100 persons. As and when funds are become available the intention will be fulfilled.

Karunalayam Trust President, R. Balasubramanian - Former Deputy Director, Dairy Development.
Balasubramanian.R, President
Kottekad Karunalayam Charitable Trust

Kerala Ex. Chief Minister
Shri V.S. Achuthanandan

visited Karunalayam Trust
on its annual day celebration
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